Our Path to Sustainability

The ocean has a little (ok huge) piece of our heart.

Over the years it has given us countless opportunities to explore, grow, learn, work and play. We want our children, and their children, and their children to be able to fall in love with The Big Deep Blue too.

But it’s about more than that. Humanity depends on the ocean. It provides 50% of our oxygen. It is a source of food and medicine. It creates millions of jobs. It regulates our climate. There’s no hope of having a healthy planet without a healthy ocean.

We know that we can’t be true watersports enthusiasts without doing our bit to support a more sustainable future…

Built To Last

1 in 5 garments produced globally reaches landfill having not even been worn once. How crazy is that?! That’s a huge amount of clothing sitting in the ground, contributing to waste and giving off harmful emissions as it breaks down.

Our clothing is comfortable and stylish, featuring fresh designs that you will want to wear again and again. When you do, the clothing can take it. All of our garments are designed with the watersports lifestyle in mind, made from high quality materials that will protect you from the elements. We are constantly on the search for new and innovative eco-friendly materials to use for our collections, and we won’t settle for anything but the best.

Sustainable Materials

We are first and foremost ocean lovers. And we believe that high-quality swimwear should not negatively impact the places we love.

Our performance boardshorts are made using upcycled waste coconut husks, which are transformed into a Cocotex yarn and combined with Repreve® recycled polyester yarn. The result? A comfortable, quick-drying, odour-resistant fabric that’s ideal for high-performance boardshorts.

All other swimwear products in the collection are made with Repreve® recycled polyester and our Cara Dress is made from organic cotton.

From plastic bottle to swimsuit, read more about the brilliance of Repreve® here.